Gardens Galleria

Gardens Galleria, as the name suggests, is built with proximity to nature, giving its patron a feeling of openness while they shop at retail outlets like Central, Westside, Hypercity, Pantaloons Woman, Peach Tree, Crossword, and Croma.

The mall offers Noida’s first Starbucks and terrace lounges like Turquoise Cottage, The Smoke Factory, Bohemia and Imperfecto. The idea is to offer something delightful to all who visit.

The mall also has certain key features like 2 large LED screens on the exterior of the mall, outer floor lighting, and 5 attractions (like Virtual Cinema, Candy Floss, Kids Trains and more) to engage children and adults alike.

Attached to this mall is a 5-Star hotel with 100 rooms that would be launched soon, offering the guests the convenience of multiple services at one place (including a terrace pool).

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